Robert Matuszak, CGC

Robert Matuszak, CGC


Value of Coaching



When you are driving your car and look through the rear view mirror before changing lanes, you exercise caution because of the car’s “blind spots”. In life, stress can create "blind spots" that sap your energy and vitality. Coaching is a stress relief tool that brings value to your life.

The value that coaching can bring to you:

  1. Bring awareness into the “blind spots” of living with stress
  2. Help remove the cause of stress
  3. Restore peace of mind
  4. Help identify strengths and add support to overcome challenges
  5. Help one achieve more than working alone


Athletes have personal coaches to bring out the best in them, guide and direct them to achieving theirs goals, and perform to their optimal best. A coach provides you with insight and feedback for you to perform your best. With Robert as your Coach, you will:


  • be given an assessment of the causes of your stress
  • identify tools to eliminate those causes
  •  receive business/life coaching to:
  • determine what you want to achieve
  • define your personal/professional vision and mission statements
  • set new goals to accomplish
  • complete an action plan to achieve them


Robert's coaching is based upon 40+ years of coaching/consulting adults with stress along with his personal experience of stress from grief and other causes. His coursework from Comprehensive Coaching U and the Grief Coach Academy has provided tools and insights to deal effectively with stress. The basis of his coaching is authenticity, genuineness, honesty and integrity. His coaching can take you from stress to wellness!


Studies show that people who are happy perform better, are healthier and live longer. Are you ready to shed the pain and suffering of stress to live a renewed life of wellness, clarity and peace of mind?


If you are, Act Now and book an appointment: Book Now. This is the first step toward your wellness.


  Coaching is the bridge to fulfilling your dreams.



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