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 Stress Relief Programs

The cost of stress to businesses affects productivity, work effectiveness and eventually profits. Billions of dollars are lost annually from stress. Chronic stress leads to reduced productivity, errors, absenteeism, higher sick leave usage and more.



The World Health Organization estimates the cost of stress to business at $300 billion annually. Depression costs business $83 billion annually. The cost of grief to business is estimated at more than $75 billion annually. This includes hidden costs from unresolved grief stress, absenteeism, higher sick leave usage, lower productivity and missed financial opportunities.

Orion Consulting LLC offers wellness programs to reduce stress from personal grief and other causes through a practical and holistic process while offering grief tools for staff members to assist the griever. Relief can come in as few as a single session or a coaching program consisting of 8- 50 minute sessions. 



Orion Consulting LLC Stress Relief Programs help employees by giving the resources and tools to safely reduce personal and work related stress. Programs can be tailored to address the business needs while offering methods and processes to give your staff support to combat their stress.

 Orion Consulting LLC helps adults in life and business using wellness programs that provide clients with:

  • the tools to identify, confront and resolve stress related conditions without judgement in a safe environment
  • the tools address physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial and relationship events that have created chronic pain and sometimes exhausting suffering
  • release from repressive emotional cords to achieve happiness, success and peace of mind
  • relief when traditional methods fail

Additionally, we can also develop stress relief programs and life coaching options. Your return on investment is this:

Personal benefits include reduced stress, greater focus, improved memory, higher productivity, relaxation, and health.

Business benefits include increased efficiency/output, greater profits, focused, successful, and healthier employees.


Grief in the Workplace

Our highly competitive business world requires new ways to increase the bottom line while optimizing resources especially talent. An untapped source is grief relief. American business loses over $75 Billion annually from grief related events. Employees experience grief stress in many ways that affect work performance. One solution is having effective grief tools and resources in the workplace.

Orion Consulting LLC offers programs that reduce stress from personal grief through a best practices and holistic process. These are customized Grief Relief programs to meet the needs for business, groups or individual adults.

The program offers support and assistance for the griever and affected staff by giving them grief tools to use on the job. As a result, the business and its talent gain improved work performance while increasing profits.


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