Robert Matuszak, CGC

Robert Matuszak, CGC


 Grief and Life Coaching



The trauma of grief can be chaotic, frightening and disorienting. It can be devastating and rob us of new opportunities, future success and personal wealth. The grief may vary with the type of loss but nonetheless   to you as a man or woman, it is important.

You may have received some help with your grief but still feel something is lacking. The stress remains and perhaps you seek closure.  Do you want to carry grief's pain the rest of your life?

Are you ready to invest in your well- being to eliminate further pain and suffering to achieve clarity and peace of mind?

Orion Consulting LLC can provide solutions to resolve your grief because we know its pain and how to relieve it. Everyone grieves differently and we can customize a program to meet your needs.


These are some of the stress conditions that can be addressed:

  • Work related stress, burnout, exhaustion
  • Death of a loved one/close friend/member of our Armed Services
  • Divorce, relationship breakup
  • Abuse- sexual/physical/rape
  • Catastrophe- fire, flood, natural disaster
  • Suicide
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Business Bankruptcy/Foreclosure
  • Job Loss

The Coaching Process provides the following:

  • an assessment of the cause of grief stress
  • individualized program to meet your needs
  • coaching to remove the stress
  • restoring your personal peace of mind and happiness
  • using life coaching to develop new personal/business goals
  • outlining an action plan to implement your new goals


Using The Coaching Process stated above, a safe place is created for you to alleviate your grief stress. We use a holistic approach for you to move to a renewed life of wellness, prosperity and success.


Your Benefits

Consider this: we make investments of some kind daily for others and our work/business but many times fail to invest in our most precious resource- our self. With this coaching you are investing in yourself for both the short-term and long-term.

Studies show that happy people perform better, are more productive and live longer. Peace of mind,clarity, happiness, prosperity, wellness- these and other benefits await you, are you ready to reclaim them?

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The light of peace shines through the darkness of grief.






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