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Orion Consulting LLC provides consulting services for stress relief, unresolved grief, and human development. We provide solutions to resolve your stress because we know its pain, experienced it, and how to relieve it.

Perhaps you have experienced a ‘hiccup’ in your work with profound implications. What can you do to ‘calm the stormy seas’? How do you relieve your stress and recover from this?


Our founder and CEO Robert Matuszak lost his wife to breast cancer. He was devastated, shocked and overwhelmed by her passing. The pain and suffering was unbearable at times causing ‘hiccups’ at work.

He could not escape the painful memories no matter what he tried. After 20+ years of seeking to reconcile his wife’s passing, he created the GPS-Grief Processing System to release the pain, gain closure and find peace of mind.  



The World Health Organization estimates the cost of stress to business at $300 billion annually. Depression costs business $83 billion annually. The cost of grief to business is estimated at $75 billion annually. From unresolved stress and grief comes more stress, absenteeism, sick leave usage, lower productivity and missed financial opportunities.

Orion Consulting LLC offers wellness consulting to reduce stress from unresolved grief and other causes using a holistic process. We provide tools to move through business and life's ‘hiccups’ while laying the foundation to prepare you and the business for growth.

Your business benefits include a healthier you, greater focus, clarity, with increased insight, leadership, and success personally and professionally. This will yield improved effectiveness and profits.


Matuszak brings over 40 years’ experience in life and business coaching, human development, grief recovery, mindfulness practice and personal experiences in coping with stress and grief in the workplace.

He is a certified grief coach, certified Reiki Master Teacher, consultant, presenter/speaker and a published author on wellness and grief healing. He has published his book on stress and grief recovery: “Grief-The Mind’s Final Frontier, Your GPS for Relieving Grief” available on Amazon and this website, click here.


Every executive experiences business misjudgments. How you comeback from them and resolve the effects of its stress becomes paramount at your level. You are not alone in this. Orion Consulting LLC can help resolve your business stress because we have seen and experienced its pain, and how to relieve it.


“Live Fully Through Wellness”


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