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Robert  was born, raised and educated in Toledo, Ohio. He graduated from the University of Toledo with a BBA majoring in Human Resources. His work experience includes over 20 years in Human Resources in the healthcare field, including 11 years as a department director. Some of this work was at Mount Sinai Medical Center and St. Mary’s Hospital in Milwaukee, WI.

Robert became keenly interested in individual work performance and creating positive solutions to increase productivity especially in dealing with personal challenges. His duties included advising, counseling and consulting all levels of the organization.


However, nothing prepared him for the losses and subsequent grief that he would face. Less than 4 years after moving to Wisconsin from Ohio, his wife succumbed to a 2 year battle with breast cancer. Ten months later his job was downsized. These two losses in less than one year left him reeling emotionally as he struggled to cope with his devastating grief.

His grief journey began prior to college graduation with the death of his US Army ROTC instructor in Vietnam, followed by a classmate's suicide  a few years later. The trauma of these events was carried for over four decades. He has endured 10 grief events during his adult life including job losses, catastrophic fire loss and business bankruptcy.

Following completion of a recovery program in 1989, Robert's studies in Human Development and stress relief using practical and holistic healing modalities began. The following year he became a Reiki practitioner culminating in achieving Reiki Master Teacher. He has been practicing Reiki and other energy work for over 27 years.

From these experiences, Robert discovered his calling to help adults suffering from grief/stress events. Robert completed a one year course from the Grief Coach Academy learning various techniques and processes to assist grieving adults and became a Certified Grief coach in October 2012.


Robert is the author of his recently published book " Grief: The Mind's Final Frontier, Your GPS for Relieving Grief". This is his personal experience of enduring 10 traumatic grief events, about his journey from revenge to reconciliation to redemption while developing a process to remove the pain and suffering from grief.  It is available in paper and electronically through this website.


Robert also completed the Palouse Mindfulness- Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course in May 2016. This provides mindfulness tools to help reduce stress personally and on the job. He has been meditating daily for over 42 years and teaches meditation as a tool to alleviate stress.


Robert is an avid golfer and enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, bicycling, physical fitness, sports and yoga. He also enjoys the arts, reading, music and theater. In the near future, he will be writing other books including a workbook and another on dealing with grief misconceptions.

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