Robert Matuszak, CGC

Robert Matuszak, CGC


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The Orion Wellness Newsletter will cover a variety of wellness subjects consistent with the Orion Wellness Program. Our goal is to give life tools that will sustain you through life's challenges and good times. Issues will be published monthly.

Orion Consulting LLC has been in existence since 2008 originally providing grief recovery coaching to adults. In 2014, the business added consulting services.

In the spring of 2015, Orion expanded its services providing Wellness Programs for stress relief, grief relief, and mindfulness for adults. Orion believes in using a holistic approach to resolve stress, especially traumatic stress events, and then offering tools to prepare you for new life experiences.

Orion Wellness Newsletter will be there also to give timely tips on keeping mind, body and soul healthy. And we will make it fun too.

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