Robert Matuszak, CGC

Robert Matuszak, CGC





Orion Consulting LLC helps you relieve the stress of life and grief through consulting and coaching services using human development and training. This can be through wellness programs for business,both profit and non-profit, individuals and groups. Orion Consulting LLC has the tools to provide solutions to resolve your stress because we know its pain, have experienced it, and know how to relieve it. We can customize a program to meet your needs.

Our founder and CEO Robert Matuszak, lost his wife to breast cancer. He was devastated, shocked and overwhelmed by her passing. The pain and suffering was unbearable at times. He carried this pain and stress  over 20 years before finding relief. Then he created the GPS-Grief Processing System to release the pain and find peace of mind.

Perhaps your life has been upended and in turmoil from stress. How do you navigate ‘your ship’ down the turbulent river of emotions, feelings, and decisions to keep mind, body, and finances sound?  Failure to ‘navigate your ship’ safely past the emotional rocks can cost you thousands of dollars, impacting your present and retirement lifestyles. Are you ready to invest in your well- being to eliminate further pain and suffering to achieve clarity and peace of mind?

Robert Matuszak, owner and CEO, brings over 40 years’ experience in stress relief, grief recovery, life and business coaching and personal experiences in coping with grief in the workplace. He is a certified grief coach, certified Reiki Master Teacher, presenter/speaker and a published author on wellness, grief healing and human development. His focus is on adults experiencing stress personally and professionally from a variety of causes including grief.

He has published his book on stress and grief recovery: “Grief-The Mind’s Final Frontier, Your GPS for Relieving Grief” available through this link: Grief Book


You or your business faces the effects of stress daily. Are you using effective tools to reduce its effect? Orion Consulting LLC  uses time-tested solutions to resolve your stress because we know its pain and how to relieve it.


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